like ALDI, LIDL, EDEKA and more you find
find at the Local entrance in the trade area. With your motor home you come without much traffic over the by-pass road to the port there.

Büsumer DeichhausenBüsumer Deichhausen

"Blankenese" of Büsum. They reach the dreamed neighboring village of Büsum with a walk or with the bicycle at the dyke right or likewise to foot by means of the old inner-dyke (center) in 15 to 30 minutes.

Kids on Board?

At the old dyke is a mad adventure playground. Travel mobilists, in that Group or as association with several people journeys, have here also the possibility to rent for an association celebration the fully out-permitted grill hut of the town Büsum.
St. Clemens-Church Büsum
St. Clemens-Kirche Büsum
The old fischer-church became in 15. Century builds. The baptizes-basin is a gift of the pirate Cord Widderich. Apart from the protestant services here also mostly classical music concerts take place.
Alleestraße /
Centrum Büsum

Allessstraße Büsum am Abend
The Eat, Drink & Shopping in the North Sea therapeutic bath. Small specialist shops, restaurants, Cafés, taverns, fish business (also GOSCH) offer culinary beside gifts - a great deal.
Swimmingpool Piraten Meer und Spa
Erlebnisbad Piraten Meer Büsum
With your ticket for that Motor home site you receive to reduced entering the sea water swimming pool and the beautiful Spa-Landscape!
First Beach in Büsum
Strand in Büsum
Relaxing n the sun, perhaps in the Beachbasket - enjoy North Sea air. Bathing in the sea or go in the UNESCO world nature inheritance Wattenmeer. That is North Sea vacation! In the summer here many open air events take place. The dog beach is right toward port-entrance.
With your ticket of the
mobile-home-site you have free beach entrance!
Spa in the
Vitamaris Büsum

Wellness in Büsum

Whether classical applications of cures or do good-end Spa-Applikations - in the Vitamaris you find mad offers for bodies and soul. Also here gibt´s privileges with your motorhome-site-ticket.

Museum Port Büsum
Museumshafen Büsum
The oldest harbor basin in Büsum accommodates a small collection of historical ships. Here starts in the summer fantastic events.

The Lighthouse of Büsum
Leuchtturm in Büsum
Landmark of the North Sea spa bath. Approx. 25 m the red-white Lighthouse is high, standing at the place the ton yard, on which navigation-signs are repaired again.

The "Ankerplatz" in Büsum
Mohlenfeuer auf dem Ankerplatz

Saliently the historically seeming Persil-Clock and the old Lighthouse. Here the trip ships of the shipping company Rahder placing. You should take a daily-trip on the high sea-island Helgoland in the vacation. Beautifully and interesting: A port round trip with an original Helgoländer Börteboat. Also on the anchorage-place: meetings and markets take place in the summer.
High-sea-fishing near Helgoland
Here the Trawler puts on, that you carries forward around to fish Makrele, Dorsch and Kabeljau from the North Sea.
Campingpartner Büsum
Camping accessories and motor home garage at the port. The service bureau has a well sorted accessory shop. The Caravan-Service-Technical comes also on the motor home site.
Museum am Meer
Museum am Meer
Make a small time journey in the museum am meer. You see in a small, but purify exhibition of historical exhibits the development of Büsums from the small fishing village to the popular North Sea spa bath and experience a great deal approximately around the fishery - in historical and today. In addition interesting:Port-stroll with Momme and the cultural Events like "Crime & Wine".
Stormtide Experience World Blanker Hans
Blanker Hans
At our motor home site is direct the unique storm tide experience world of Germany, which brings you multimedially, with exhibits and contemporary witness reports the life with the storm tide at the coast more near. In addition you find here equal a restaurant & Café.
Nordseering Cartrace
Kartbahn Büsum
The course is altogether 900 m long. The child course is 200 m long. The Nordseering Büsum corresponds to the regulations of the German engine sport federation (DMSB) and becomes certified for official running.Special Kidscarts make possible for children starting from 6 years the use of the course.

The East dyke - port entrance
Ostdeich Büsum
Walk to the coast, perhaps with your dog? The east dyke is ideal and close to your
campsite- on the one side you go toward port entrance/sailing-port and on the other side toward Büsumer dyke living. Particularly at the early morning with coming up sun an experience.
The port of Büsum
Hafen Büsum
That´s otherwise hardly somewhere at the North Sea - a port in the middle in the town. Enjoy about the Fishtrawler. See as "Büsumer Shrimp" freshly imprisoned ashore goes. You can acquire fresh fish also directly in the port. Maritime flair approximately around youre motor home parking bay in Büsum.
Motor home site Büsum - the Top motor home site in the North Sea spa Büsum
Wohnmobilplatz Büsum
Youre motor home site - comfortably to start over the B203, directly beside the storm tide world "Blanker Hans", in the port of Büsum. 2008 the
"Parking site of the yearly" and country widely up Place 3 of the most popular parking sites for mobilehomes.
The equipment: All places are supplied free of charge with river (in the overnight accomodation price contain). Clearly defined, protected and plant, parking bays (from 80-120 qm, camping site safety defaults correspond to square meter), disposal station (Holyday Cleany), large information stand and lunch at the entrance, part-light up, comfortable check in over ATM, safety closed circuit video-cameras, sanitary units at the place. W-Lan-Hotspot.
TOP situation:
Central, between biotope and port.

Büsumer Deichhausen

Wohnmobilplatz Büsum

Sightseeing BÜSUM
If you go with the mouse over the yellow points you become short informations, which for mad offers in direct proximity of your motor home site in Büsum. Museums, port, Shopping, restaurant, leisure, spa, of course the beach and the UNESCO world nature inheritance Wattenmeer behind the North Sea dyke.

Motorhome Site North Sea Spa of Büsum

In the North Sea spa bath Büsum are motor homists cordially welcome. Here you do not stand apart on a grey park surface, far away of the tourist happening - with us you are in preferential situation in the Büsumer port.

In the detail:

  • All places are supplied free of charge (contained in the overnight accomodation price)
  • Clearly defined, protected and plant
  • approx. 80-100 square meter
  • Disposal station (Holyday Cleany)
  • Information stand at the entrance
  • Partiallit up
  • ATM
  • Safety closed circuit television
  • W-Lan Hotspot

Plentifully place on 20,000 square meter surface

We has plentifully place for you - also for large and very large motor home. Approx. 100 plots between 80 and 100 square meter are clearly on 20,000 square meter surface arranged. Our largest places are 15 m long and 8 m broad = 120 m ², there also " Exotic-Motor homes" sufficiently utility space. The roads are 5.50 to 6 m broad, so that you ranchieren your vehicle will easily fall.

By the way: A lunch car at the entrance supplies you with carbon elimination roll, newspapers and even fish roll, if you liked. 

Season of prices inclusive cure tax & Energy!

Conditions 01.01.2011 - (subject to change)

01.11. to 28.02. the fee overall 10, - EUR per overnight and mobile home.
01.03. to 31.10. the fee overall 13, - EUR per overnight and mobile home.
The price builds itself up as follows: Contained are overall booking fee, energy and cure tax for 2 arising persons. (Changes and mistakes reserved)

They pay the fee at the ATM at the entrance.


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